Peaceful Parenting Online Course

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course

Looking for support to parent with more peace, joy and connection?
This self-paced 12-week online program gives you the tools and inspiration you need,
to become the parent you want to be.

"This course is life changing! I love that I can go at my own pace and revisit the lessons any time in the future."

"Excellent guidance delivered with love and lack of judgment.... The content itself is incredible -- useful, inspiring and refreshing."

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

"Dear Dr. Laura....I love your books! But I still find it hard to put it all into practice. What I really need is information that I can listen to, maybe in the car, that explains specifically how to make the transition to peaceful parenting. Now that we aren't punishing, what can I do when I've tried everything and my kids just won't listen? The hardest thing is calming myself down when I get really mad. I wish there was some way you could send me a little inspiration every day, so I can stay calm."

-- Emily, mother of three

Get your partner on the same parenting page -- Both parents enroll for the price of one!

Registration opens on November 29 at 12:01am EDT for the next course, which begins in January 2018.
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What You'll Get:

Every Friday for 12 weeks, you’ll receive a new audio lesson from Dr. Laura, along with a transcript, journal prompts, exercises to do with your child, handouts, five short daily meditation audios and other resources. Over the course of the next week, explore and learn at your convenience. This is a self-paced course, so you never need to worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access! The course includes:

  • 11 weekly audios. This lets you hear Dr. Laura's tone of voice and phrasing as she gives examples of how to handle everyday parenting challenges. Transcripts of the audios are included!
  • 60 Daily Audio Inspirations, only 4 minutes long, to keep you inspired, help you develop self-regulation, and rewire your brain!
  • A Live Call where Dr. Laura answers questions from participants.
  • A copy of Dr. Laura's book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids (if you already have one, pass your new copy on -- they make great gifts!-- or you can request Dr. Laura's book Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings during the registration process instead.) Dr. Laura will walk you through the lessons in the book to help you apply them in your own family.
  • Handouts with homework assignments, exercises, journal prompts, reminders to post on your refrigerator, and more. Every week, you'll receive specific suggestions for live interactions to put these ideas into practice with your child. 
  • Extras such as three audios on creating a terrific parenting partnership with your partner, videos of Dr. Laura speaking about specific parenting challenges, free ebooks, and other surprises.
  • Private Peaceful Parenting Facebook Forum to support each other and share your learning.This Facebook Forum is administered by parenting coaches trained by Dr. Laura, and is limited to Course participants and Course Graduates who want to support each other on their peaceful parenting journey. 
  • Both parenting partners who live together enroll for the price of one!


Course Curriculum Summary

Week 1- Peaceful Parenting 101

In this session, I'll introduce you to the 3 big ideas that will change your life as a parent and shift your family, over the next 12 weeks, to less drama and more love.

Week 2 - Regulating Your Own Emotions

You'll learn tools this week to notice when you're getting close to the edge, and powerful practices to return yourself to calm. If you're a yeller, here's where you take your Vow of Yellibacy.

Week 3 - Connecting with Your Child

Parenting is 80% connection and only 20% guidance, because until children feel connected they have no reason to follow our guidance. In this session, you'll learn best practices for staying connected with your child, and specific tools for reconnecting after tough times. 

Week 4 - Parenting for Emotional Intelligence

This week you'll learn how emotions work, including some secrets about anger that most people don't know, how to help your child empty a full emotional backpack and how to heal even the most turbulent emotions. We'll practice using empathy, your magic wand, to give your child's brain the best possible environment to to learn to self-regulate.

Week 5 - Discipline

In this session, we'll discuss why children misbehave and what the research says about the best way to guide your child and teach the important lessons. You'll learn how children develop self-discipline and impulse control and why time-in works while time-out doesn't. We'll practice setting limits that stick, without power struggles or drama.

Week 6 - Preventive Maintenance

You know those problems that always seem to blow up in your face and land your family in the breakdown lane? You can avoid most of those surprises with preventive maintenance. This week we'll explore the power of routines, empathy, special time, scheduled meltdowns and other preventive maintenance practices.

Week 7 - Tips for the Transition to Peaceful Parenting

If you've been relying on bribes, threats and punishment to get your child to cooperate, you can expect some bumps as you and your children learn new patterns of relating. This week you'll learn some tips to make this transition easier for your family.

Week 8 - Self-Care

You can only give your kids what you have inside. In this session, you'll create a self-care plan to keep your cup full, so you can be emotionally generous with others. We'll focus a lot on emotional self-care, or how to parent yourself!

Week 9 - Mastery: Developing resilience, self-discipline and grit.

This week we explore how children develop the fortitude that leads to mastery. We'll practice encouraging rather than praising, and learn how to find the sweet spot between free range and helicoptering.

Week 10 - Healing Your Triggers 

Those times when you say or do something you later regret? They're always when you're triggered, so you get hijacked by anger. This week, I'll guide you through how to begin identifying and healing those triggers so you don't get upset so often, and can recover more quickly when you do.

Week 11 - Siblings

This week, we'll apply the peaceful parenting principles to raising siblings, so you can stop the fighting and raise children who will be friends for life. You'll learn simple, yet powerful ways to foster a loving, supportive bond between siblings, and teach your kids to navigate conflict constructively. 

Week 12 - Putting it all together 

This week, get your questions answered in a live call with Dr. Laura. (Don't worry if you can't make the time -- the call will be recorded and you can send your question in advance.) We'll celebrate how far you've come! And we'll help you put together a plan to use what you've learned, every day, to stay on track in the future.

  • This course will focus as much on you the parent as on your child. We're learning to re-parent ourselves so both we and our children can thrive. Think of this as healing your ability to love unconditionally!
  • Transitioning to peaceful parenting can be really hard, because both you and your child are developing new habits and working through old emotions. This course will support you through those ups and downs so you stay encouraged along the way.
  • This course includes experiential, explorative, practical, and theoretical components. We will explore the underlying principles and provide concrete examples of how these play out in practical, day-to-day, real-life parenting situations.
  • Parenting is just the sum total of your daily choices and the moments they create. How you think and what you intend makes all the difference in who you are, how you show up, and what you do. This course will help you make the choices you want to make, more often.

Registration opens on November 29 for the next course, which begins in January 2018.
Don't miss the Early Bird Discount from November 29 through December 13!
We’d be happy to send you an email notification when registration opens.
Please email to be added to our notification list.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You and your partner want to get on the same page with peaceful parenting. Both parents who live together enroll for the price of one.
  • You want to help your child WANT to cooperate, without yelling, bribes, threats or punishment.
  • You're working to be more peaceful as a parent and you want more support.
  • You want to yell less and connect more.
  • You want strategies for those moments when you've tried everything you can think of and you're stuck.
  • You know you could handle things better with your child, but you get too angry. 
  • You just wish someone would give you the words to say.
  • You've read Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids or you follow Dr. Laura's newsletters, but you want more support to put the theory into practice. This course deepens the work of the book and gives more focus than the newsletters.
  • You're a coach or parent educator. This Course will help you support parents more effectively. And if Dr. Laura accepts a new group of trainees to become certified as an Aha! Parenting Coach, taking this course before applying for the Certification Training is a required prerequisite. 

Q: Will parents of all age children find this course useful?

The emphasis in this course is on the inner work of the parent, the connection between parent and child, and the principles and practices of peaceful parenting. While many examples will be about younger children, the principles apply to all age kids, so this course will be applicable to most stages of your journey as a parent: whether your child is just crawling, a toddler, five, eight or even eighteen years old. In fact, many course participants say the course improved their relationships with spouses and work colleagues. But since the issues facing parents of preteens and teens are so different, this course is designed primarily for parents of kids who are ten years or younger.  If you're not sure this course will be relevant to you, please read Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids. If you find the book relevant and useful, you will find the course relevant and useful. 

What Parents Say About This Online Course

"This course was better than I ever expected. It has changed not only my parenting life, but the way I relate to my husband, neighbors, friends and family...the concepts are universal!"

"I love to learn and have done numerous courses, and kept finding myself in disbelief at the quality, and the level of revelation and wisdom, and the amount of material presented in Dr. Laura's course. It was by far the most satisfied I have ever felt with an online course! I kept thinking to myself, I just can't believe how good this is, and how much information she is providing...answering my deepest heart questions, freely sharing from her rich background and experience! I was blown away! I LOVED the mental and emotional challenge! I kept thinking that Dr. Laura deserves to charge MORE for this course! It was such a precious life changing gift of wisdom to me...a treasure I have prayed and searched for for so many years! Every time I had the great privilege of turning on a daily audio and letting her cheerful and healing words wash over my soul, I couldn't believe how much she gave to us or how much of her heart she poured out to us. I got so used to the healing I was experiencing from the audios that my tears would just start flowing as soon as I heard her voice! I could never thank you enough for the miracles that have happened in my family! Grateful Mother of 4 boys 7 and under."

"This course is life changing! I love that I can go at my own pace and revisit them any time in the future."

"It was only by chance I happened across the Aha!Parenting website (in a moment of desperation) and it happened to be leading up to the first online class. I gladly paid the fee and I would say the content of the course has been priceless. I realize it is a marathon, not a sprint, but now I understand the child psychology and brain development of my children so much more than before. Her teaching using science and research fit well with my brain as I work in the medical field. It was a key for me to begin to understand my children differently. I am hopeful for the future after having several years of mostly despairing as a parent."      

"I've read the book twice before this course and have taken four other parenting courses and this course is having the most profoundly positive effect on healing me and enabling me to put my oxygen mask on first before helping others. Thank you!"

"Understanding how to regulate my emotions is greatest outcome and I've made more progress with this course than in 30 years of individual therapy. Also, this course gave me the safe place to get honest about how divided my attentions were when I was with my kids and the negative impact it was having. More focused time with them has made a HUGE improvement in their attachment. I wasn't prepared to admit how the problem with my kids was actually a problem with me until this course walked me through a less judgmental path to self-reflection in this area. Once I could examine my own behavior with kindness and gentleness, it became less intimidating to change it!"

"When I started this course, my 6 yo girl was an intensely explosive, defiant, rude, aggressive and generally very, very difficult kid. I was walking on eggshells every single day, terrified of asking her to perform a simple task around the house or even do something like repeat herself when I didn't hear her soft voice from the backseat because seemingly everything triggered a volcanic meltdown. Slowly, she has somehow morphed into a little girl who let me sleep in this morning while she drew pictures, who responds to my requests with kindness, who freely expresses generosity and gratitude, and who today asked me, "can I do some chores?"  I am grateful, surprised, and frankly, incredibly relieved. Parenting an explosive child frequently feels like torture. Tonight I am deeply thankful for this class."

"I have no words to describe how helpful this course was! It was all far beyond my wildest expectations. Dr Laura worked so many miracles for my family. This is a turning point in my life! I SO appreciated the daily audios and the weekly audios! My brain has been rewired after an abusive childhood and searching for so much help for 14 years and counseling, and books...I just can't thank Dr. Laura enough! I can just cry about the many miracles that have occurred in my home! Of course her book far surpasses any other parenting materials available out there."

"I just feel like I have learnt so much and that this will change me forever. I was struggling with parenting my three small boys and felt like I was failing, even though I know I am a loving parent at heart. I now see that my embarrassment when they behaved in a certain way was due to past feelings of shame. I am already seeing major differences in their behaviour and our relationship."

"I've heard many of the ideas presented in the course before, from the Aha site as well as others; however, I've never been able to put them into practice. I don't know the reason, maybe I just wasn't personally ready before. But investing in this course made me accountable to myself, and the audios were the missing piece I needed to guide me. I loved hearing Dr. Laura's voice give me the exact words to use with my children. Reading them in her emails or books were different from HEARING her say them in the empathic tone that really makes the difference. I never heard that tone growing up - I needed to hear it to know how to emulate it. This course has exceeded my expectations and I'm telling everyone about it."

"I have to say that, as an African American single mama, I appreciate the diversity of the images presented throughout the website. I felt that Dr. Laura really worked to include a range of diverse parents and faces. Seeing that diversity actually made me willing to listen and believe her more: if she can take the time to make sure many faces and ideas are reflected, then I can take the time to work on being a great parent. Thank you. I'm sad to see the course end, actually. I've recommended it to all my friends." 

"I don't even know where to begin because I so appreciated each aspect of this course. For me, every part of it was perfect and exactly what I needed. But if I had to pick one thing that was most useful, it would be the daily inspirations. It's remarkable how much wisdom, compassion, love came through each one of those short meditations--that I can easily go back to even on the busiest day (because no matter how hectic things are, everyone can find 5 minutes). But the weekly audios and the homework were very special components of this course."

"The daily inspirations/intentions- I foresee listening to them over and over. Self care was a big one since I followed in my mother's footsteps and always put the family and kids before myself- I see now how important it is to nurture ourselves as well. I also have a very different perspective on discipline- I thought I was doing decently before, but I completely see how harsh punishments are and how much more effective coaching and discussions afterwards are! And seeing defiance as a need for connection, and how often we become disconnected was also very helpful. And stopping and breathing, simple but effective. :-)"

"This is one of the most important things I've done for me, my children and society ... I cannot stress enough how amazing and transforming this has been and will continue to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"The thought of starting this process coming from a history of yellers & hitters was quite overwhelming. But my relationship with my mother is so dysfunctional, that I knew I never wanted that for me & my boys. I think my favourite thing about Dr. Laura is her positive perspective without being hokey. She makes you feel like any step forward is good & you don't have to beat yourself up for still screwing up & not getting it all right on the first try. It makes something as huge & overwhelming as rehauling your brain wiring seem somehow achievable. With the side benefit of being more forgiving of the kids because I can be more forgiven of myself. It's been a fantastic course. Honestly, I'd say it's the best time & money I've ever spent!!"

"Dr Laura has changed my life. I've been reading the emails and had read both books, but until this course, I have not really been able to put the concepts into practice. This course changed all that. I just hope I will continue. As a result of this course, I have made daily meditation into a habit, and intend to listen to the daily inspirations to help me keep going. I cannot express how greatful I am. Thank you so much for your work and encouragement."

"The quality of the course is astonishing. This is real academic stuff. And very very very well brought to the students. I thoroughly enjoy the course and consider it to be the greatest gift I have ever given myself and my children."

"I really got that I am more than enough and it is not an emergency. I've also learned to enjoy as much of my time with my son as I can, that I don't have to have an agenda, and that I am doing a good job. Also, I know what to do when he has a moment rather than freaking out. I think I can remain calm, positive, connected and loving. BTW, I'm a teacher and these same strategies work brilliantly with high school students!"

"What changed was being more loving to myself (I sometimes hear LM´s voice as I hear myself saying "Hello dear one" to myself); increasingly seeing things from my daughter´s perspective..."

"I love love love that it's truly self-paced. I've listened to less than half of the weekly messages and have given myself permission for that to be ok. Thank you for helping me realize that the lions share of the work begins within me. I love this course. I'm transforming...slowly..,and I have hope for my entire family."

"My favorite part of this course was the daily inspirations / meditations. I did not think so at first, but they do really "rewire" your brain in the sense that hearing their message so frequently, really makes it stick at a very deep level!"

"Engaging, transformative practical steps that can be take right away. I had reached a point of despair and almost didn't buy one more parenting book or course. This is transformational at a cellular level. Aha parenting has become my spiritual guide thru very dark times. I'll be a lifelong learner and am so grateful for Dr Laura."

"The audios are so full of wisdom and practical examples. I can also feel the daily inspiration audios working, making me a more peaceful person. Thank you so much!"

"This course has been an absolute life changer for me and our family. I keep hearing Dr Laura saying, always choose love. I am getting much better at regulating my emotions, although I still have much work to do. I see major changes in our boys, and the way they are interacting with my husband and myself, and each other. These concepts are also so transferable to other areas of my life - eg, dealing with work colleagues. After listening to this week's audio on shame, I am also going to try and start a regular meditation practice. I already do one day a week at work and that was what led me to this course. Dr Laura, the other thing I think is incredibly generous and kind of you is that you have made the course materials available for five years. I feel like I need to keep working on these concepts so that this way of regulating, connecting, and then correcting just becomes second nature. Thank you for helping change my life and helping me accept who I am, and love myself."

"I LOVE THE MEDITATIONS!! They are so awesome. The weekly audio lessons are awesome too, but the meditations seemed to hit perfectly for me every morning."

"I am very happy with the course. My daughter's behaviour (3 years) changed very much and we have built a so much nicer relationship. I discovered the joy again in being a parent - something that went missing before which made the days so often terrible for everybody. Thank you!"

"Dr Laura, I've just finished listening to the tutorials from your online parenting course and wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I came to the course and your book wanting to find a better way of following through on the idea of attachment based parenting I had been encouraged to pursue with my adopted son. The course has given me an amazing set of tools to improve our family life and help him work through the emotions he faces. It has also given me a new perspective on the relationships I have with the adults in my life and a way to work towards a more mindful, enriching and peaceful existence. A very heartfelt and sincere thank you!"

"Loved the amount of content covered and most importantly, the specific examples of possible difficult conversations and modeling how to make them positive and constructive."

"Dr. Laura's soothing voice and amazing ability to help me feel capable of growing and changing. Learning more about empathy, to see it in action, feel its connecting powers and to be astonished how it can transform any relationship."

"I loved listening and re-listening to each week's audio. By the end of the week, I'd really let that lesson sink in before beginning the next. The audios were easy to listen to while driving or working out, and I looked forward to it."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! From someone who basically came to this parenting game with zero tools/resources, I feel like for all practical purposes, Dr. Laura is my mom! LOL."

"Just regulating myself has made a HUGE difference in my stress level.... My relationships with my children are flourishing. Thank you!

"Self care and self regulation has made a huge impact on the level of peace and well-being we experience. I finally understand the importance of special time. I feel like I now belong to a family that loves each other no matter what."

"Fantastic course - easy to download, great reinforcement delivered in multiple learning formats."

"I LOVE THE SCRIPTS that Dr.Laura gives us. It helps when I don't know what to say." 

"The audio on discipline was so eye opening. The way Dr. Laura "role played" was helpful too, better than reading suggestions in a book."

"The daily audios are amazing!!! There is so much more in this than I expected. I guess I thought it would be mainly reading and not really delving deep the way it does!"

"What I liked best: The lectures. Very helpful to hear Laura's tone and how she approaches situations."

"What I liked best: Dr. Laura's audio tracks. Really life changing."

"What I liked best: The techniques, of course! Stop, drop, breathe. Not an emergency. Learning to slow down so that things don't seem like emergencies. Opening lines of communication with my strong-willed 6 year old. Seeing each of us blossom and more forward in our relationship."

"The excellent guidance delivered with love and lack of judgment. The concepts of re-parenting ourselves while parenting our children. The content itself is incredible -- useful, inspiring and refreshing."

"The daily meditations and learning so much from the weekly audits. Dr Markham's compassion, non-judgmentalism and positivity help to make the ideals seem attainable."

"I loved the added content that made the book material come alive. Learning from dr Laura's responses was beyond helpful."

"I love how integral Dr. Laura's teachings are! I am a meditator myself and I appreciate how she includes mindfulness in her teachings as it is clear to me that mindfulness is a necessary part of peaceful parenting as it helps so much with regulating one's emotions. Overall, I love her teachings and am very grateful for her books, website, and this course. She is a blessing in this world!"

"In my humble opinion I think Dr. Laura could be branded better. This content is revolutionary and can change the world!"

"I love all of it really- the daily inspirations and weekly audios were a great compliment to the book. The inspirations truly were that- helping set daily intentions and keep peaceful parenting on my mind."

"I loved being able to hear Dr. Laura's tone of voice. It has been very helpful in my own self talk and in the way I speak to my children. I plan to start at the beginning and listen to the daily inspirations again after the class is over."

"The warmth that came across, the deep empathy LM expressed towards the parents as well as the children, the amazing content, the effective delivery (nearly all senses utilized), the list goes on and on. LM, you are my parenting guru and I tell everyone about you. Am so eternally grateful!"

"I learned.....That setting empathetic limits helps our children to learn without feeling shame for wanting something/ behaving a certain way. To negotiate with our children for what we need, like putting on their shoes so that we aren't late. Knowing how to avoid a battle of wills, and find a solution that works for everyone. Learning about praising our children in a way that will help them to build resilience. Practicing the words/scripts to enable me to do this. At first I felt like I was reading a script when I started empathising, but now that I have been practicing it for a while, it is coming much more naturally.The mindfulness-based practices resonate with me as I got involved with MBSR a year ago. I also think Dr. Laura's focus on parents needing to deal with their own emotions, heal their triggers, etc. is so important and yet I have never seen that covered or emphasized in any other parenting book I have read (crazy!). Of course my junk affects my view of my child and of course I need to work on me in order to be able to be a better parent. It seems so simple and yet I was never taught how to do this before this course. I also appreciate Dr. Laura's emphasis on self-care, as the lack of self-care has been one of my sources of burn-out in the past."

"Loved the practical suggestions- Stop Drop and Breathe and Choose Love. Meeting aggression with empathy is a life-changing concept. The meditations were lovely. I will be referring to this course for help for the next five years!!"

"It really cemented what I had read in the book and on the website - but "hearing" it has made it sink in more. So for me I really took a lot more from the "It all starts with me" aspect, self care and finally at the age of 40 I am aware of what unconditional love really is!!"

"My favorite parts: The short meditations for grounding. The tips on how to emotionally regulate. Tips on how to talk with my kids when they're flooded. Seeing my kids as needing my help has been a complete reframe for me."

"So rich with information. I have been listening to the audios over and over, trying to absorb the ideas and customize them to my family's needs."

"I'm having so much more fun with my children, even when we have to 'move through the schedule.'"

"The Stop Yelling chart had an amazing impact for me."

"Dr. Laura's voice made it feel very personal."

"I have loved every minute that I've spent putting towards this class. I'm so happy that Dr. Laura decided to do this and that I was able to make it work for me."

"I want to thank you for introducing me to peaceful parenting. But i am not talking about the wonders it is doing to my daughter. I want to thank you for the wonders it is doing to me! I feel like i was living in a black and white world, amazed with the diferent shades of grey and thinking i had the rules of it well figured out. And then you came in, unanounced, and showed me colour! Life is not just black, white, light grey, dark grey... life is red, yellow, orange, dark blue, light blue, green, green or blue open to discution.. life is so different from all i have ever seen or felt! I am thanking you for the freedom that knowing i can let my mother of the hook and be my own mother has brought me! I finally feel unconditionally loved! I want to thank you for realising my husband is not always the one who's wrong whenever we have a disagreement (and my husband is grateful too), i can be pretty wrong too. But there's a way of making it right. I just have to stop thinking on who to blame and start focusing on problen solving! I want to thank you for showing me i am a lot less perfect then i thought i was, but good enough just the way i am! Dr. Laura, thank you for making me realize, a long with my daughter, how much i need to grow and giving me the tools for it!"

"Just two weeks worth of course has changed me and my relationship with my son for the better."

"Really great course that put me on a whole new level with my children, my wife and people in general. It should be a required course around the world!" 

"I am grateful to have everything and intend doing the course on continuous rotation for years to come hoping to get more each time and delve deeper and really change!"

"I am so much more in control of my anger now. Even when I lose it, I can calm myself quicker."

"From the moment I started this course, I have been telling people: This course is changing my life. Even though I don't do everything perfectly, and I still have a long ways to go in being the parent I want to be, I am now well on my way thanks to Dr. Laura and this course. I plan to continue to re-listen to the audios when the course is over, because I need to keep the ideas fresh in my mind constantly to be able to continue to practice the teachings. I always seem to hear something new each time I listen, especially when I re-listen to one weeks later. THANK YOU, Dr. Laura, for giving me the motivation, the tools, and the support I needed to take charge of myself and my parenting, and to give my children the peaceful childhoods they deserve and that I want them to remember."

"I'm writing just to say thank you for the last 12 weeks. Although I am only halfway through the audios, having seen this way of parenting has made me love being a parent all over again. It has made me see the light during the tough moments. I think back to a year ago and if I hadn't done this course there might have been so much more yelling, timeouts, etc. and I am so glad we are taking a different road as a family."


"I took the online course last year. At that point our barely 3 year old was struggling with the arrival of her baby brother. More than a year in and their relationship is blossoming, and I feel better able to guide them both through the ups and downs of childhood."



Registration opens on November 29 for the next course, which begins in January 2018.
Don't miss the Early Bird Discount from November 29 through December 13!
We’d be happy to send you an email notification when registration opens.
Please email to be added to our notification list.

What Does This Course Cost?

  • Course cost: $149 (That's less than $12 per week)
  • Value of transforming your relationship with your child:  Priceless.
  • No-Risk Personal Guarantee: If at any point during the first month of this course you aren't completely thrilled by what you're getting out of it, just email asking for a refund. Your payment (minus the cost of the book and a small processing fee) will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is an online course?

A: It’s a course that is offered via the internet and the phone, so it gives you a wonderful way to engage with both recorded lectures and a live Q and A session with course instructor Dr. Laura Markham from the comfort of your own home!

Q: When exactly does this course happen?

A: The next course begins in January 2018. Your audio lecture and five daily inspiration meditations for the week will be released each Friday, along with accompanying handouts, homework assignments, journaling prompts, guided meditations and other resources. This is a self-paced course, so you can work with the materials at your own pace. You can download everything and will also have lifetime access to all the recordings and course materials.

Q: It seems like a long time until the course begins!

A: The time will fly by, because we're going to send you Dr. Laura's book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids so you can start reading right away. Try some ideas and keep a list of any questions that arise for you.

In the meantime, please be sure you're subscribed to Dr. Laura's free newsletter. You'll learn terrific parenting tips and tools that you can begin using even before the course starts. To subscribe, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email in the subscription blank.

Q: What if I already own the book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids?

A: Great! We're using it as the text for this Course, so you'll want to review it. But during registration, you'll have the opportunity to choose Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings instead. (Have both books? Wonderful! You still get a book with the Course. They make great gifts!)

Q: What if I'm not able to listen to a session some week?

A: This is a self-paced course, so that's no problem. Each week, we have a different focus, and the topics build on each other.  If you miss any of sessions, you can access all the course session recordings and other materials on your own account page on the Aha! Parenting website. This is the beauty of this format, especially for parents. You can work with this course material at the time that is most convenient for you and your family. Many people self-pace and take a full six months to complete the course. Some people finish it and immediately begin it again.  

Q: When does the course expire?

A: NEVER! You have lifetime access to the course. You can even opt in to participate with each new cohort, which gives you access to any improvements and upgrades, and to Dr. Laura's email announcements about that week's topic. You won't receive another book or be able to participate live on the call, which is reserved for the current cohort, but when you repeat the course you will be able to listen to the recordings of all live calls from all cohorts.

Q: Is there a forum for the parents in the course to ask questions?

A: There is a live call for the parents in the course to ask Dr. Laura their questions. The course does not include a forum, but some peaceful parenting coaches who have been through an intensive six month training with Dr. Laura have started a private Peaceful Parenting Facebook Forum, available only to parents who are participating in this online course, or who are past graduates of it. This is a wonderful community forum for parents to share successes and frustrations and give each other support and encouragement. You'll be invited to join beginning in Week One of the Course.

Q: How much does this course cost?

A: Your investment in this 12-week course is $149. When you enroll, your partner who lives with you can enroll at no charge and get their own account to access the course materials. The course includes 11 weekly audio lectures and transcripts, 60 short daily inspiration audios, one copy of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids mailed to you anywhere in the world, a Live Call with Dr. Laura where she answers questions, and various bonus audios and ebooks that are available for sale on the Aha! Parenting website but are given free to course participants. You get lifetime access to the materials and everything is also downloadable. 

And if you register in the first two weeks, you get 10% off. Just use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this course?

A: Yes, we make sure that a certain percentage of spaces are available for partial scholarships. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please send us a maximum of 1 pages detailing why you should receive one of these scholarships:  

Please be sure to include your location (state/country), number of children and ages, whether you already own Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and/or Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings, and how you heard about the course.

The deadline for scholarship applications for the January course will be in very early January. If you know you want to apply, please don't wait. Every time the deadline passes, we hear from parents who wish they had applied for the scholarship but missed the deadline.

Q: What if I live outside the US?

Great! Many course participants live outside the US. Peaceful parenting is a worldwide movement. Welcome!

Q: Is this equivalent to therapy? Especially in week 11, "Healing Your Triggers," could your lesson open traumatic wounds for vulnerable parents? 

A: This is an online course that gives you audio lessons and meditations to listen to, and handouts and other homework for self-directed learning. It is not anything like therapy, which gives you personalized support from a trained therapist who meets with you in person. For parents who have trauma backgrounds, I recommend that you tackle deep work only with the support of a local counselor. The reason we leave the "Healing Your Triggers" lesson for Week 11 is that by then parents who are participating in the course will be aware of their own triggers. Parents have the option in that week of working simply on their own self-regulation, or working with their own counselor on a trigger, or skipping the lesson entirely. 

You also have the option of working with a parenting coach trained by Dr. Laura as you go through this course, either in one on one or group meetings via skype. This can be an invaluable way to get personalized support as you transition your family to peaceful parenting.

Q: When will this course be offered again?

A: The course is usually offered in January and September. Sometimes it is also offered in April. But if you think you'd like to take the course, don't wait. Registering for the next course gives you lifetime access, including to any improvements in the course, even if the price goes up.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: You have Dr. Laura's No-Risk Personal Guarantee: If at any point during the first month (which is the first third of the course) you aren't completely thrilled by what you're getting out of it, just email asking for a refund and your payment (minus the cost of the book and a small processing fee) will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked. 

That means that refunds will be given for any cancellation received via e-mail at any time before the Friday when Session 5 is released. We will deduct $15 for your copy of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, which you may keep, as well as an additional $20 for postage and course processing. (If you are not in the United States, any additional postage for mailing your book will also be deducted.)

So you get the first month to "try out" the Course, plus the book, with no risk. As Dr. Laura says, that first month is enough to change your life!

After Week 5 begins, no refunds will be made on any cancellations received.

Please Note: If you sell a similar parenting program or course, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Q: What if it's after Week 5 begins, and I find I am just too busy to keep up with the Course?

No worries. You have lifetime access to the Course materials. You can begin the Course again at any time.

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?

A: If you have any questions, or encounter any difficulties registering, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you!

Registration opens on November 29 for the next course, which begins in January 2018.
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Dr. Laura Markham's approach is science-based and parent-tested. Her first book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting, has rapidly become an underground favorite as readers post reviews on Amazon testifying to the changes in their families. In this course, Dr. Laura walks you through the lessons in the book, deepening your understanding, answering your questions, and helping you put this approach into practice with your own child.

Dr. Laura has a PhD in clinical psychology, but she dedicates her practice to helping parents transform their relationships with their children. She's counseled thousands of families, so she gives you hands-on, parent-proven strategies that are guaranteed to shift the dynamic in your house for the better. And she's also a mom, so she understands how hard it is -- and how to make it easier.

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Registration opens on November 29 for the next course, which begins in January 2018.
Don't miss the Early Bird Discount from November 29 through December 13!
We’d be happy to send you an email notification when registration opens.
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